Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Off to a very good week

I had a problem with my toe. I tried to take care of it myself. Instead of making it better, I caused an infection. I went to the doctor and he did surgery on the spot. I would have opted not to do the surgery right away and wait except he told me that my baby could catch my infection from nursing. He stuck a big needle in my foot. Need I say anymore about the process. I thought I was going to pass out. My toe now has a bandage which makes it look like a toe out of a cartoon. No shoes fit and I've got to drive for the next 2 days. I'm off to the city for my dad and then to Lakewood. Sleeping over there. Tomorrow I take my mom to Philly and back to Lakewood for her treatment and maybe come back to Cedarhurst or wait til thursday morning. I can only wear flipflops for my week of walking and driving. No other shoes fit over the big fat toe. He told me to soak it in salt water 2 -3 times daily. I almost did it and then I thought what is he nuts, salt water on an open wound. I have to bring myself to do it "for it to heal properly." If and when this heals I'll probably need more surgery for walking on it improperly. I have no tolerance for pain so I'm popping pain medication all day. Wonder if that feeds to the baby. He has been sleeping more. Ahh, maybe i'll keep up the pain medication even after everything if it makes him sleep. All and all it's looking like it's gonna be a good week. I'll try and blog if I find a computers available in hospitals. Have a good one.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The wisdom of my middlest

A few weeks ago on shabbos morning I was really tired. My kids got up somewhere around their regular time of 6:00 AM. After about 1 hr to 1 1/2 hour of trying to fend them off without TV, I told my husband to bring them down to breakfast and let me sleep. He rolled over and said, "You bring them down." I told him that one of the only things he does with the kids is giving them breakfast so how about not slacking off on that. OK, skip to this past shabbos. Same scenario, I told my husband to take them down to breakfast. He rolled over and said, "You bring them down." My middlest (a term I borrow from Airtime) then said, "but daddy, All you do in the house is give us breakfast so please just do it." After my husband cracked up for the next 10 minutes he then got mad at me somehow for my son saying this. It's not like I trained him. My son noticed how upset my husband got afterwards so he thought about it and he said, "You know daddy you're right, you also make havdalah."

Blogging Test

Ok, this is a test to see if I can figure out how to link things without the word link on the bottom....

Here it goes in case you are looking for a gastroenterologist here it is.
Perhaps a women's burberry bag on sale is something you're interested in, here that is.
Maybe you want to go to Golden Acres Farm with us. You could simply look here .

Thanks for your help JPT. Let's see if it works.

Friday, August 12, 2005

...When pedestrians are present

All over the US people are allowed to turn right on a red light with the exception of the five boroughs, I believe. Outside of the five boroughs, when they do not want you to turn on a red light, there is a sign that says NO TURN ON RED. A friend and I were driving yesterday and we came to a light. There was a NO TURN ON RED sign and she proceeded to make a right at the red light. I said, hey stop the illegalities while I am in the car. She said what are you talking about? I told her she made a right on red when there was a sign that told her not to. She said that the sign said you got to have a membership card to get inside. No sorry just a tangent. She said the sign said:

when pedestrians are present.

I said that that was kind of dumb being that should be intrinsic to people not to turn and hit a pedestrian. It should not have to be specified. I told she was lying, delusional, and that she made up a sign. We put a little wager on it, drove back and she proved me wrong. I now owe her lunch but how stupid! Shouldn't people know not to turn on red if there is someone walking? What's next?

if there is a bus or truck coming.

Mr Serious

Unfortunately as a follow up to this post, we were correct. My father has taken a bit of a turn for the worse and they are changing his treatment. Hopefully it will take. The funny thing is that no matter what my dad gets tossed, he can't seem to treat it too seriously. The nurse always comes in before the doctor to ask him if anything has progressed and how he feels etc... He told her he feels lousy as he put on about 20 pounds in the last few weeks. She asked him if he has any pains and what he does to alleviate them. He said he was feeling some pain for a few hours the day before and it only stopped when he put on a bigger pair of pants. To which she burst out laughing and replied "Now you know what we women feel like." All in all I think that he is more upset about not fitting unto his size 32 pants than anything else. Additionally when the nurse asked him if he was taking any pain medication. He said yes, "I use my wife's prescribed percusets all the time." A smart and serious man. Link

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Excerpts from A Coffee Table Book - An MO perspective

From the Perlmutter-Lubin Marketing Services/citicorp Archives.....

A survey I received at work dated 11/20/1997

In an effort to get to know you better, we have written a quesionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to fill in some basic facts that are missing from the firm's database. It will aid in the facilitation of the continuing of our human resource database.

While some questions may seem personal, don't hesitate to answer them. This questionnaire is confidential, and has been sent out to several people, so we will not know what you answers are, just that they are one of several possible answers.

Without further rambling I present the following

Where do you work (city)?

What do you do?

Do you know anything about an LLC?

What is your favorite color?

Were you and soandso holding hands that night at Atlantic Beach?

Is that why he bought everyone breakfast?

What are your measurements?

What is your favorite movie?

How often do you drink or smoke if you do?

What ever happened with that guy whose apartment I ended up in on the upper west side and we watched some dumb movie and then I drove to Philly to go home?

That is all for now.

There was a follow up which stated:
Please identify yourself. Your response has been noted in our database. However, to insure that you never receive this questionnaire again we must ask that you send your name, address, phone number, social, and mother's maiden name.

Thank you in advance,
The management

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This one goes out to GOVI

There once was a man who was funny
he sometimes goes to the gym
watching everyone work out
is often pretty grim

oh yes, he claims to treadmill
and even to weighlif
but if you really know him
you'd know he's always in the schvitz

watching so much working out
can cause him lots of sweat
it's so totally exhausting
and not fun at all I'd bet

answerings texts and phones
also proves to be tough
which is why when he saunas
he goes right in the buff

now as we all know with saunas
you'd be very hard to find
the steam fills your eyes
it almost makes you blind

so to GOVI'S delight or maybe his fear
I'm not really sure which
when the other man came near
he was almost termed his "b****"

the guy didn't know what hit him
he almost sat on GOVI's wood
(please excuse me looking for rhyming words is not as easy as it looks)
GOVI gave a quick cough
and the guy jumped as far as he could

We're not sure if he knew what almost happened
or how much of him he saw
but both GOVI and the guy
were almost changed people in the raw

That concludes my intro to GOVI
and with that I say welcome aboard,
hope you enjoy your blogging
when there's time you can afford

Postworthy for JPT

Being that this weeks parsha is devarim and it talks about the jews being as many as the stars in the sky I challenged JPT who came up with this one while on a beach:

"When g-d said that the jews should be like the sands on the beach, which beach was he talking about?"

Believe me that took a lot of thought. I wasn't sure if he would need to take a plane respond to the challenge but he has outdone himself again and without further ado here it is:

"Figuring how our own Milky Way galaxy alone has about 100 billion stars, I'm not sure if the earth can sustain that many people, let alone Jews alone. If the verse is referring to those stars we can see in the sky, then that's only a few thousand; not the best blessing. So we're abviously talking figuratively here.I liked this much better. I don't know of any studies that can quantify the number of sand granules on any beach.As for the laws being passed left and right, I'm just waiting for them to ban nose-picking while driving. I think that we can conclusively show that nose-picking has caused many more accidents than talking on the cellphone."

Thank you JPT. Keep em coming.


On the drive to and from the city yesterday I listened to news radio 1010 due to the fact that it was the nine days. Their claim to fame is: "You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you the world." In that 22 minutes they gave me the traffic and weather every 10 minutes probably accounting for 6 to 8 minutes depending on how much traffic there was leaving approximately 14 minutes for the rest of the "world." Within the 14 minutes there was the following top story that they repeated within each 22 minute length of time that I was in the car (about 6 times). A man that goes by the name of Winter is traveling around the world trying to stop at every Starbucks along the way.

Not to undermine the extreme impact of what someone who travels from Starbucks to Starbucks can have on this world but I'm trying to figure out what makes something newsworthy? It has me thinking back to this post by airtime who also wondered who determines what makes Lance Armstrong's accomplishments so spotlight worthy or if anyone really cares. It would make sense to say that if the news were to be reported on a small town basis, they might have to look for things to fill the 22 minutes with like Starbucks like stories. But if 1010 is claiming to cover the world in 22 minutes you would think that they could come up with more. The remaining time from the 22 minutes was filled with what I would deem actual newsworthy items including the Discovery landing and Dana Reeves diagnosis and so forth. I'm disappointed with 1010 and I think that a better title for their 22 minute cycles should be "You give us 22 minutes and we'll give you the traffic and weather a few times, some stupid stories, and maybe something of importance if you get lucky." Link

Response to previous post

I've received a lot of flak over this post saying that I have been sympathetic to an anti semite. I'd like to reiterate my sentiments.

"I don't know him nor do I care much for his news casting which is all I did know of him and yet I still feel this distinct pain at the thought of how he died."

I am not condoning Peter Jennings ideas, just merely sympathizing over the way the he died and what his family is going through.

Onto a more exciting topic. I figured out how to link and this post is looking pretty nice to me. Good job, swiftthinker! Link

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Deep Thought

Why do buses not need car seats for 3, 4, and 5 year olds but we needed to purchase a bunch of new carseats for carpool to not break the law?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Adult Question

Every night we lay down with our kids and say shema with them. We ask g-d to take care of everyone and include a special request for everyone that is more sick than not. We end it with especially taking care of my parents. My oldest asked me one night if Hashem is responsible for making people better. I said yes. He said then who makes them sick. So I said Hashem. And then he asked, "Why does he make them sick if he is just going to make them better?" My 5 year old asking questions I do not like answering.

Common Bonds

In case you have not heard yet, Peter Jennings has died at the age of 67 from lung cancer. He announced that he was sick about 4 months ago. During his announcement, he had stated that he would try and work a bit here and there as much as his treatment allowed for. We had not heard from him since that announcement so I suspected he was not tolerating his treatment too well. I don't know him nor do I care much for his news casting which is all I did know of him and yet I still feel this distinct pain at the thought of how he died. I believe that if he had died in a car accident, I would not have thought twice about it.

This is not the first time I've experienced these thoughts. I have strong attachments to anyone I know who has a family member with a cancer diagnosis or has lost one to it. I feel as though I personally know/knew Melissa Etheridge, Olivia Newton John, Jerry Orbach and many others. When I meet strangers in Sloan Kettering, I become so attached to them from just a brief time that I find myself visiting them and talking to them for a long time afterwards. I have been to a shiva house of a perfect stranger and I find myself always wondering about those (especially the frum ones) that I do not keep in touch with. I had thought about working/volunteering as a person in hospitals to talk to the sick people. I am very good at it and I have a way of putting sick people at ease even if just for a few moments. The problem is that I would not be able to leave my work at the hospital and the thoughts of these people would monopolize my mind. I obviously will not be doing that line of work.

I suppose that it's just common bonds with people that attach us in general. A lot of people can not talk to their single friends after they are married just because they don't have anything in common with them anymore. People with kids look for other people with kids as friends for commonality purposes. Common Bonds amongst people are pretty strong and inescapable. I look forward to happier things being the common bonds for me with people like great survivor stories. I believe I will be thinking of Lance Armstrong a lot in the future.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

You know who you are

This post is for someone who reads a lot of people's blogs but never writes his own. Oh, he has plenty of opinions but only voices them in person. Not only does he prey on the grace of other's by having hours of free reading entertainment, but he does not even comment. How long can someone continue on this obnoxious path without feeling ashamed? If that's not be bad enough, he also had the nerve to call me an amateur writer. I might have taken that from Mirty, Air, Veev, JPT, or Still Wonderin, but not someone who sits on the sidelines and just reads. This is a challenge from an amateur to "Mr Read It All". I'll go head on with you blog for blog and then we'll see who the amateur really is!!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Animal House

Last week we heard an animal tapping above the light in our bathroom. My husband went upstairs to the attic to see what it was. He heard it but couldn't find it. We called the exterminator. His name is James VanDerBeek. I thought Dawson was coming to look for birds up in the attic but he just shared his name. He determined that there were squarrels up there. He put up 2 traps with peanut butter in them and was to come back everyday to check if they were caught. After 2 days, we got a squarrel. By law, he was not allowed to kill the squarrel in our house so he removed it in the cage alive. I was panicked to say the least. I believe he had to bring it at least five miles away from here so it couldn't find it's way back and then he could do what he pleased with it. The other light in our bathroom is broken and hanging down. Where there is one squarrel, there could be others, and they could come right through the light into our bathroom. I decided to give up the house to them. I don't want to live with squarrels. After a few more days of checking, James removed the other trap today deciding that squarrel A that was caught did not bring his friends or family.

It that wasn't bad enough, this morning right under that same light, we saw a bunch of little worms. Husband and I decided that James had been wrong and it was a bird in the vent that James did not see and it was dead and maggets were falling from the light from it's dead body. We called James. He came and couldn't find the source. He thought our story about the dead bird seemed plausible except if it were true the stench probably would've have prevented me from even writing this story or being in our house. He ruled that out, sprayed the bathroom, and put little glue traps in corners to see where the worms were coming from. I say enough is enough. We've had aunts and moths and squarrels and now this. It's an animal world and I'm just a visitor. I think I give up. I'll keep you posted on the worms/maggets.

Treatment Options

I went to Lakewood yesterday to visit with the parents. My dad's symptoms seem to have gotton a little worse. It started a few weeks ago when his swelling in his stomach started showing up again. When we saw the doctor last week, I tried to convince her to give him a cat scan to see if there had been any change. She did a physical exam and determined that any further looking would be unnecessary. I find it really interesting when doctors totally ignore the concerns of the patients or the patient's families. My father wouldn't push the issue as he is sick of cat scans all together so if it's not doctor mandated, he is not asking for one. Aside from the fact that if a person is already sick, why not err on the side of caution? She was not even his regular doctor. She was just a covering doctor. I don't think that he's seen his regular doctor in close to 6 weeks now. So it's floating doctors with no real knowledge of what he regularly looks like. And yet she still rules out a cat scan. Since that visit has passed, his stomach has grown more and he has weakened a bit more than usual. I almost think about taping each conversation with the doctors so if g-d forbid something happens and it was due to neglect on their part, we have evidence. I don't know the right course of action. I can't push him to go somewhere else as he's comfortable here and he will in no way move somewhere else. So it's either here or no treatment. I think about complementary options to his chemotherapy but I have a hard time playing g-d and figuring out what to try if it's not "FDA Approved." If anyone has any suggestions, my ears are open.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Too much TV?

My 5 year ols son was asking me to teach him how to tie his shoes this past weekend. I taught him the first part and then lost patience. I told him the rest was for another day. ?He threw a bit of a tantrum and demanded I teach him right away. I explained that some things take longer to learn than others. He said "but mommy Callou can do it and he's only 4."