Monday, April 03, 2006

Not Such A Bad Investment After All

The Gameboy that my son had purchased turns out to be a lot more entertaining than I thought. I was worried about the non educational, baseless value of the gameboy when we bought it. I looked hard to find a game that didn't contain fighting in it. The last thing I wanted to do is encourage his fighting.

After searching through many a toy store for a cartridge for him to play, I came across a MsPacMan Game. Further, to my delight, the same cartridge contained DigDug, Pole Position, and Galaga on it. I'm an 80 's girl and being that I was MsPacMan champ back in the day, I couldn't hold back. Without hesitation I knew this was the game that would be perfect for my son. I wouldn't have to read directions, or worry about fighting. I mean Galaga is much better, just promotes shooting everything that drops down. And MsPacMan, getting eaten by monsters will not at all enhance my sons fear of the dark and what lies beneath his bed at night.

While my son was in school I bought it, unwrapped it, and popped it into the gameboy. I scrolled to the MsPacMan game and started to play. Things are a little different when playing without a joystick. Sometimes MsPacMan has a mind of her own and doesn't quite take the route you had envisioned for her in your head. But sometimes she does, and when she does she glides through the boards, eating power pellets, and chomping on blue monsters, raising her score as she goes. Ding Ding Ding, 10,000, free man, whoohoo up to the challenge. I can't stop. Pesach cleaning will have to wait, blogs will come later, and my son who really wants to play will just have to hold out until tomorrow when "mommy can teach him, after she learns more about how to play."

Folks gotta go, I think Galaga is calling my name.


Blogger chaverah said...

LOL! I did the same! I dont think it should be called Gameboy but GAMEMOMMY! I got so addicted I decided to buy the joystick Ms. Pacman that hooks up to a TV!

10:21 PM  
Blogger Pragmatician said...

Well well,isn't it the old story of the father playing with kid's electric train when no one is around...

11:51 AM  

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