Tuesday, May 23, 2006

24... Final Thoughts

OK, could you believe MARTHA LOGAN? I mean, what she wouldn't do for her country! She showed tremendous courage in her act to frame her husband. She did it as an act of revenge for herself, for Aaron, and for the country. I didn't think that she had it in her to use her feminine powers of seduction while on all that medication but she was never clearer of mind. The only shady part of her performance last night to me was that smirk she had when security stepped up for Logan during his speech. While she despised Logan for how he acted, and certainly felt the weight of the world on her shoulders as the only one that could've delayed Logan's trip, I still think that she should have showed some compassion when he was taken just due to their long history together and the fact that she did truly love him before. Other than that, Martha was superb.

We knew that Logan had to go and there would be confrontation but I like how it all played out. I mean the final battle between he and Martha was riveting. Jack, being as slick as he was, placing the recorder on Logan himself, was brilliant. Logan was so well played and he had me convinced that he believed that he did everything for the country. He was so despicable that I had to close my eyes during the intimate Logan/Martha scene. It's great to see the villain go but I applaud his performance.

Onto Chloe. I love her. I'm a little perturbed at the husband being brought in. I don't like new characters popping up out of nowhere that have a history with the old ones. I only started watching the show last season so maybe he was on before but he is new to me. I loved loved loved the Chloe/Edgar picture. Such a great way to recap their strong bond. Nice touch for the writers.

Buchanan and homeland security woman, that was cute. I guess they are like the new Tony/Michelle. The show needs a good CTU worker's romance. We know Chloe will never get Jack. She will just pine away for him forever and risk her life continuously for him.

Audrey was a bit irritating. I would have liked to have seen her father back. They should have been smarter than to assume that Kim would be calling from a phoneline out to nowhere. Where were there instincts or were they just to wrapped up in the moment?

Jack's acting was superb as usual. Nothing left to say about him. His action stunts I don't care for much. OK, 1000 different ways to kill people, great! I liked him bloodied up at the end. Good makeup. I forgot about those Chinese folks. A nice connection from here to next season. Well done, 24. Hopefully, I'll see you next season.


Blogger GOVI said...

I loved the finale and I love the show. There is no better show than 24. I knew something was wrong when Kim called.
I liked the way Martha sacrificed herself by seducing her husband to save the Country. I think that is the way all you women feel every time you have marital relations with your husbands. I am not sure if this is okay for this blog so i toned down my language.

2:53 PM  
Blogger swiftthinker said...

Thanks for that. I didn't know you knew what women thought.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Pragmatician said...

You're a huge fan, so much is clear

11:26 AM  

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