Monday, June 12, 2006

Like GrandFather Like Son

Kids are so cool. So many things I love about them. Their innocence is great. It makes them susceptible to being real and always showing their true emotions without facade. Their zest and love for new things and thirst for acquiring knowledge makes everyday a new and fun learning experience for them. They go through life not afraid to love or be loved, displaying untainted and unconditional expression and joy. The one thing I really love about kids, specifically my own, is how they are just like the hub and I and even my dad.

While all of my kids look exactly like hub (in my house they ask who the momma is), my middlest, who is 4, seems to come right from my side of the family in terms of personality. To be honest he is really most similar to my father. He has been goofing around since the day he was born. When teachers ask him in school how to describe himself, he can only say that he is silly. He carries jokes in his head and will stop at no cost to make people laugh. My father used to say that he might be the only person that can carry the title of Rabbi and comedian. It helps that he is purely delicious looking with bright blue eyes just like my dad. He enjoys the same foods as my pop and I, with our favorites being baked ziti, chips, and pickles. He doesn't take school to seriously as it comes very easily to him. He is a night person like my dad and I, so the other night as he was lying in bed about an hour and half after his bedtime, I went to lie down with him. For a while now, he has been asking me different math questions all the time.

"Mommy what's 1 and 1?... 2"
"Mommy what's 8 and 8?... 16"
"Mommy what's 32 and 32?... 64"
"Mommy what's 64 and 64?... 128"
"Mommy what's 6 and 12?... 18"

All along I have been thinking, great he has good memorization skills, thank you cyberchase. Just out of curiosity, I started throwing out random numbers to him. He started answering properly and I was thinking, cool he's getting lucky with the answers. Then I started giving him 3 numbers to add together. Again right answers. Then I went onto four numbers. Then subtraction. Right again again and again. It then dawned on me that he wasn't getting lucky anymore and really he is just a math genius like my dad. We now go through our tables every night. The 3 table then the 4 table. "Oh mom, I love the 5 table, it's sooo easy." The nicest part about this newest find is that my son continues to be a living, breathing resemblance and reminder of my dad.